Aristotle called it the nectar
of the Gods

The Egyptians were the first beekeepers and migrated their hives along the Nile using rafts producing huge amounts to use as a sacrifice. In 593 BC the Greeks passed a law restricting the movement of hives. In fact Aristotle made several important discoveries about honey bees and their effect on ancient agriculture.

One of the most revered characters in children’s books loved it. In fact A. A. Milne’s first story told us about Pooh’s passion for honey. Few examples of foods that keep indefinitely apart from honey. You could dip into a thousand year old pot of honey as if it were only a day old.

Moreover its longevity lends itself to other properties that most other foods don’t have; its medicinal powers.

Chewing on a Honeycomb can help calm a severe hay fever attack. Adding lemon juice to honey to a glass of warm water can help sooth a sore throat. Taking bee pollen before the hay fever season will help build a natural immunity.

Also, if you make a lotion from bee propolis extract it has been proven to be effective in treating acne. All in all it’s very special.