A natural beauty treatment available
in your own kitchen

Honey is not just a healthy sweetener so you won’t be surprised to learn that this natural   gift from the honeybees has many skin and hair benefits and was used by Cleopatra as a regular beauty treatment. Just mix half a cup of honey with three cups of milk and five tablespoons of almond oil and add to your bath water.

It’s also a natural skin balm for your body, drawing moisture from the air ensuring it’s retained for long lasting hydration. Just spread one teaspoon of honey onto clear, dry skin and leave for 15-20 minutes.

Its natural enzymes also can clarify your skin keeping the pores clear and clean. Stir one tablespoon of raw Yorkshire honey with two tablespoons of coconut oil until it has a spreadable consistency. Apply to clean, dry skin massaging gently in a circular motion then simply rinse with tepid water.

Your hair is pretty incredible stuff too considering the things you probably do to it; from highlights to lowlights, straightening, not to mention bleaching. Oh, and if you’ve been using the same straighteners for the last five years just mix three tablespoons of honey with one tablespoon of castor oil and apply to newly washed hair for ten minutes. The result is beautiful, healthy, shining hair.